He is the carrier of Ventus's heart and one of the keyblade wielders. Nibel Mako reactor, Cloud managed to ambush him and throw him into the Lifestream, and believed him dead. My sincerest thanks to the incredibly talented team at SE Japan and all my kickass co-workers at SE America for making this an amazing experience. While also retaining his original design and his Advent Children appearance, Cloud was given a more distinct look based on his Final Fantasy VII persona. Follower Requests. "[58] Sakurai says that while he recorded most of his work individually, he performed alongside Ayumi Ito, who voiced Tifa, for a few scenes. For his fight against Sephiroth in the film, Nomura proposed a new move, the Omnislash Ver. A memory-based version of Cloud appears in the Game Boy Advance sequel Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories as a boss in the Olympus Coliseum[113] and later as a summon card for Sora. Kaldur'ahm (Young Justice) Jabberwocky (Once Upon a Time in Wonderland) Carl Fredricksen. Nomura noted this event was popular with the fans and reassured the remake will keep this part. While the idea wasn't "logically thought out" and the staff didn't think that they could "make it work physically", it was believed to provide "an interesting accent to the story. She is typically seen wearing a pink ribbon in her hair, a pink dress with short brown coat, and brown boots. [47] Kazushige Nojima is worked into making Cloud's interactions with Tifa and Barret natural. [56] A fan of VII, Sakurai had believed Cloud to be a colder character based on his original impression of him, but later came to view him as more sentimental. In the climax of the remake, Cloud encounters his nemesis, Sephiroth, once again. He isn't a straightforward hero like, Takahiro Sakurai (left) and Cody Christian (right) voiced Cloud Strife, Whether or not you handicap for the massive marketing push that introduced him to the world back in 1997, [Cloud] is probably the most famous hero in the history of the, Popularity and other influences in the media, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions, "Interivew with Yoshinori Kitase and Tetsuya Nomura from Electronic Gaming Monthly, issue #196, October 2005", "Final Fantasy VII – 1997 Developer Interviews", "How Final Fantasy V Was A Turning Point In Tetsuya Nomura's Career", "Nomura On Final Fantasy VII Remake, Kingdom Hearts III, And Cloud's Design That Never Was", "IGN Presents: The History of Final Fantasy VII", "Final Fantasy VII Remake Changed Cloud's Design, Nomura Says It Is Closest To The Original", "Tetsuya Nomura Reveals New Details on Final Fantasy VII Remake", "Interview with Kazushige Nojima and Tetsuya Nomura from FLAREgamer", "TGS07: Advent Children gets dirty on Blu-ray", "Final Fantasy 7 Remake Will Feature the Cross-Dressing Scene", "Final Fantasy VII Remake details Turks, Avalanche, Cloud abilities, Chocobo & Moogle summon, more; Aerith and Barret visuals", "Final Fantasy VII remake preview & developer interview", "FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE Creators Explain Episodic Release", "Final Fantasy 7 Remake's Developers Tried to Avoid Playing Favorites With Tifa and Aerith", "FFVII Remake: Interview with Nomura Tetsuya and Kitase Yoshinori", "櫻井孝宏にとってのクラウドとは? 『FFVIIリメイク』クラウド役・櫻井孝宏さんインタビュー", "本日発売!!PS4ゲームソフト「ファイナルファンタジーVIIリメイク」ムギ役 #中村文徳 エアリス幼少役 #田中千空 マリン役 #梅崎音羽 ベティ役 #鎌田英怜奈 ティファ(8才/13才) #三本采香 クラウド(13才) #相澤幸優 皆さん、是非遊んチェックしてみてください!!#FF7R #FF7リメイク", "Dissidia Final Fantasy NT English voice cast talk about their roles and experiences with Final Fantasy", "Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children DVD Interview – Steve Burton (voice of Cloud)", "Final Fantasy 7 Remake Update: Steve Burton Involved, Doing Voice Acting For Cloud Strife", "Final Fantasy 7 Remake – Cloud Strife Will Have A New Voice Actor", "Honored and humbled to be able to announce my participation in the @FinalFantasy VII remake as the voice of Cloud Strife. Both he and Zack are then imprisoned by Shinra's lead scientist, Hojo, for experimentation. [186] TechSpot noted fans were interested in Cloud's love interests but claimed that Cloud's relationship with Aerith was subtle in retrospective. [50], Co-director Naoki Hamaguchi noted that since in the original game, the player could decide Cloud's interest in a female character, he wanted the remake to give this possibility again in the form of an intimate conversation when splitting from the main team. "[27] Nomura describes Cloud's life as peaceful but, hurt by the losses he experienced during the original game, one which he grew scared of losing. Cloud serves as the representative hero of Final Fantasy VII in Dissidia Final Fantasy, a fighting game featuring characters from the Final Fantasy series. Final Fantasy Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Nevertheless, Square believed the actor given for the young Cloud was suitable, fitting his gentle with Tifa's voice. Warrior. [204], In 2005, Electronic Gaming Monthly placed Cloud seventh in their list of top video game characters. [26] Although Nomura stated that Cloud was a more positive character in Final Fantasy VII than in Advent Children, he did not believe that such an "'upbeat' image of him is what stuck in the minds of the fans", and the script was written to explain why Cloud returned to a state of mind "consistent with the fans' view of him. With Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII releasing to the Western world next week , I thought it would be fun to reminisce on some of the greatest characters in the Final Fantasy universe. She stands out with her long brown hair as well as her brown eyes topped off with her violet colored lips. 1 Physiology 2 Appearances 2.1 Final Fantasy XII 2.2 Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings 2.3 Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2.4 Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift The Viera have rabbit-like features, including long ears and supple limbs. [205] He was named best character of all time in Dengeki PlayStation's 2007 "Den-Play Awards". [88] Cloud learns he cannot remember things like how or when he joined SOLDIER. [135] A pair of Cloud Strife amiibo figures were released on July 21, 2017. Sephiroth's words following the fight were kept as ambiguous. Having given up his life as a mercenary,[95] Cloud works as a courier for the "Strife Delivery Service" (ストライフ・デリバリーサービス, Sutoraifu Deribarī Sābisu) that Tifa set up in her new bar. [11] According to Amano, because of the hardware limitations of the PlayStation, the platform Square had settled on for Final Fantasy VII, characters could not be rendered realistically. Before this character can be followed, you must first submit a follower request. [169], Cloud's redesign in Kingdom Hearts was praised of the best in the game by PSXetreme and Animefringer. [6] Nojima likened Cloud and Tifa's relationship to one of friends since nursery school, and compared Aerith to a transfer student arriving mid-term. [152][207] GameSpot published a video titled "Greatest Game Hero: Cloud Strife" for his inclusion in their 2009 "All Time Greatest Game Hero" poll, showcasing scenes of Cloud as he appears in Advent Children. White Haired-devil. [219], In promoting the Final Fantasy VII remake, artwork of Cloud was used in buildings from Los Angeles. Siren (Aether) You have no connection with this character. I vow to give nothing shy of 100% and my absolute best to ensure this iconic character's depth and complexity resonates. [64] The development stuff worked carefully to translate Cloud's original moves from his previous role, most notably his swordplay Omnislash which was developed to be his strongest move. Cloud has garnered a primarily positive reception from critics. During the course of their travels, a love triangle develops between Cloud, Tifa and Aerith.[81][82]. She has one attack spell, called Holy, that appears as her special attack in the Mario series. [194], Cloud set a trend in the Final Fantasy series in regards to the characterization of main characters. [170][171] His development in Advent Children was praised by DVD Talk as one of the best parts from the film. One example was Cloud trying to emotionally support Tifa during a sad scene, imitating Barret's actions but he fails to cause the same impact. "Final Fantasy VII Deep Dive, Part 5: An RPG Gets Existential With Its Central Question: "Who Am I? Piercethrough - Attacks two spaces in direction of attack. GameTrailers is your destination to see official trailers first. "[153] RPGamer's Abadi Aujang called Cloud "one of the most complex characters Square has created", as well as "the first truly complicated main character". Race/Clan/Gender. someone said i look like the girl from final fantasy. [202] Famitsu in 2010 published a seven-page tribute to Cloud, showcasing his many appearances throughout the years. That's one of the game's main themes, the fact that the protagonist has all these secrets to unravel. Fire and brimstone abound, and the story revolves around the Hero trying to take this character … 1Sephiroth suggested byAurelia Holmes. Yoshinori Kitase, director of VII, and Kazushige Nojima, one of the game's events planners, developed the story and wanted to create a mysterious character who acted atypically for a hero. Attach your videos and images! Carbuncle (Elemental) You have no connection with this character. "[211] He was also ranked as the second best Final Fantasy character in a 2010 list by VideoGamer.com, who called him a "poster boy for the entire JRPG genre". [56] While recording Crisis Core, Sakurai felt that Cloud, though still introverted, acted more like a normal teenager, and modified his approach accordingly. 5 (超究武神覇斬ver.5), which is a faster version of the original Omnislash. Follower Requests. Usually, when Final Fantasy needs character development, these characters will have to overcome their inverted traits. 3 0 . She also makes appearances in other games such as . Final Fantasy VIII is something of a divisive game even among fans of the series.Some fans felt it was a letdown after the experience of VII, while others think it is an under-appreciated game that matches or surpasses the other games in the series.This also divides fans on the characters of the game, like Rinoa. Swordian White-hair. And in Final Fantasy 5, it fights with other characters. [160][161] Jack Ridsdale of PCGamesN argues that Cloud is a deconstruction of the hero archetype and toxic masculinity, and compares the plot twist about his true identity to that of Fight Club. [129] Cloud is the protagonist of Final Fantasy VII G-Bike, a mobile game for which Nomura designed a new costume for him. Do you wish to proceed? [163] Chi Kong Lui, writing for GameCritics, stated that while Final Fantasy VII features "some of the most complex characters ever created, by video game standards", their personalities are "paper-thin". Cosplay by Adella. However, numerous visual and audio clues suggest the unreliability of Cloud's memory. In Final Fantasy VII, Cloud is a mercenary claiming to be formerly of SOLDIER, a group of elite supersoldiers employed by the Shinra Electric Power Company, a megacorporation responsible for draining the life from the planet. [6] Frustrated by the continued popularity of Final Fantasy IV's characters despite the release of two sequels, Nomura made it his goal to create a memorable cast. At the age of thirteen he left for Midgar without notifying his parents and joined the Shinra military.By October of 0000, Zack had reached SOLDIER 2nd Class under the tutelage of SOLDIER 1st Class Angeal Hewley. ", "Final Fantasy VII Advent Children review", "櫻井孝宏さんお誕生日記念!一番好きなキャラは?19年版 「PSYCHO-PASS」槙島聖護を抑えたトップは...", "Super Smash Bros. is adding Cloud Strife, and everyone is freaking out", "Final Fantasy VII's Cloud is coming to Smash Bros. today", "Joker is the Craziest Super Smash Bros. Nov 4, 2020 - Explore Laurie Phillips's board "white haired male elves" on Pinterest. [56], During recording, Sakurai was told that "[n]o matter what kind of odds are stacked against him, Cloud won't be shaken. Described as iconic, Cloud has been cited favorably as an example of complex character writing in video games, as one of its first unreliable narrators, and for the game's depiction of his mental disorder. I think it’s fair to say that if you see an anime character with white hair, you should be a little hyped. He criticized Cloud's "childish motivations", stating that Final Fantasy VII could not "match the depth of screenplay in Orson Welles' Citizen Kane or the complexities of characters exhibited in Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver". Redditor Veerh created a stunning female Paladin for their custom creation. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. You made this character what it is and have contributed in shaping a legacy" and thus wanted to not let Burton down with his take on the character. By artgerm. Final Fantasy VII, a role-playing video game developed by Square (now Square Enix) and originally released in 1997, features many fictional characters in both major and minor roles. See Voice Actors for all speaking roles. [49], The main reason for Cloud acting more reckless than people of his age was due to how he spent five years in coma as revealed in the past game so he was made to have social problems. [116] Cloud fights alongside Leon's team during the Heartless invasion of Hollow Bastion. IGN highly praised the design and marketing involving his visual appearance. purge]Malheur is a word of French origin meaning "sadness", "unhappiness", or "misfortune". Silver Haired Men; The Turks; Lifestream; Other Terms; Miasma; House Solidor; Draw Point; Protomateria; Da Chao; Podcast; Final Fantasy Characters Database . Notable types include Sephiroth, Hope, Cecil Harvey, and Paine. The Viera are a race of hare-like humanoids from Ivalice. [5] Kitase and Nomura discussed that Cloud would be the lead of three protagonists,[1] but Nomura did not receive character profiles or a completed scenario in advance. They are large axe … While marketed as a remake to the original 1997 game, Square claims that there are other different meanings in this game. Favorite Answer. Spike your hair and whip out your sword, Final Fantasy VII is back. [44] In order to further focus on Cloud's growth, Square decided to give him more scenes when he interacts with children. Aerith is voiced by Mandy Moore in Kingdom Hearts, Mena Suvari in Advent Children and Kingdom Hearts II, Andrea Bowen in Crisis Core, Dissida 012, Mobius Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind, and Briana White in Final Fantasy VII Remake. [20] Nojima left the unfolding of events regarding Cloud's identity unwritten,[20] and Kitase remained unaware of the significance of Zack's addition until playtesting. So who was your favorite character with white hair? [105] During the game's conclusion, a dying Zack gives Cloud his Buster Sword, telling him that he is his legacy. Elric of Melniboné is a fictional character created by Michael Moorcock and the protagonist of a series of sword and sorcery stories taking place on an alternative Earth. The warrior class is one of the four tank classes in Final Fantasy XIV. White Mage is a character from Final Fantasy series, which has appeared in Mario spin-offs. Cloud will spontaneously remember words or scenes from his past, sometimes collapsing to the ground while cradling his head,[85] and appears not to remember things that he should remember, such as the existence of a SOLDIER First Class named Zack. Agreeing to serve as her bodyguard in exchange for a date,[80] Cloud helps Aerith evade Shinra, who pursue her because she is the sole survivor of a race known as the Cetra. [208][209] UGO Networks placed him first in their 2010 list of top Japanese RPG characters, stating "Cloud is the cloth from whom the great majority of JRPG characters were cut. did anyone encounter with the Grey Hair problem? Looking for cosplay inspiration for fictional female characters with short blonde hair? Cloud was designed by Tetsuya Nomura, a character artist for the Final Fantasy series, whose role expanded during the title's development to include supervision over Cloud's personality. When forced to work together with Cloud, he's at least civil about it. Sakurai received comments from colleagues revealing their love of the game, some of them jokingly threatening that they would not forgive Sakurai if he did not meet their expectations. Gaz Digzy. your own Pins on Pinterest However, due to limitations in the console's hardware, these scenes could not be implemented, and instead, they decided to focus on Zack. Tasked with creating a "female version of Cloud" for Final Fantasy XIII,[195] Nomura designed Lightning with Cloud's success in mind, stating that he "desired for her to be ... loved for a long time, like Cloud. Finding a suitable actor for Cloud's younger persona during the flashbacks where he interacts with Tifa was also challenging for the developers. People who agree: 32 DeezNuutz_ (Topic Creator) 6 years ago #3 In line with this, we had previously shared a list of 9 beautiful red-haired anime girls. Her hair is naturally white, but she dyes it because she is ashamed of it. Eraqus begins the exam and in the end, Aqua passes, but Terra fails. [172] Cloud's guilt over Aerith's death was effective enough to move viewers,[173][174] Newtype USA also praised Cloud's role in Advent Children due to his heroic traits despite being a reluctant hero. ❤️", "Final Fantasy VII Remake Has A Completely New Voice Cast", "The 3rd Birthday Has Skippable Event Scenes", "Final Fantasy VII Remake Is Part Five of the Final Fantasy VII Compilation and Nomura Talks About The Term Remake", "Final Fantasy VII LittleBigPlanet 2 Costume Pack Hits Tomorrow", "Aerith, Snow, Vivi, And Faris Are In Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Too", "Cloud's Advent Children Costume In Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call As DLC", "Final Fantasy Explorers Will Let You Transform Into Cloud And Other Final Fantasy Heroes", "Tetsuya Nomura Made Cloud A New Costume For Final Fantasy VII G-Bike", "Nine Things You Should Know About The Next, "クラウドゲーミングで少しでもゲームを遊んでくれる人が増えるのは「ありがとう」しかない! サイバーコネクトツー松山洋氏に聞く", "Sakurai x Nomura: Creator Interview 2016 [Part One]", "Final Fantasy 7's Cloud Coming to Super Smash Bros Wii U, 3DS", "Super Smash Bros. [3] A small group including Kitase and Nomura worked in secret to develop a demo for a Nintendo 64 emulation kit running on an SGI Onyx. Kitase and Nojima developed Cloud's backstory and his relationship to Sephiroth. Here is an image: game-identification. ", "20 Most Popular Anime/Game Names to Give Children", "Snake Beats Mario, Is Coolest Video Game Character Ever", "Top 50 video game characters of all time announced in Guinness World Records 2011 Gamer's Edition", "We did it. [218] In the Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition of 2011, Cloud was voted as the fifth best video game character. Ritz is a pale-skinned girl with green eyes and for most of the game she has pink hair. In the 2005 computer-animated film Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, set two years following the conclusion of Final Fantasy VII,[94] Cloud lives with Tifa in the city of Edge, along with Marlene, Barret's adopted daughter, and Denzel, an orphan afflicted with a rampant and deadly disease called Geostigma. Answer Save. For Final Fantasy XV on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Why does final fantasy protagonist have white and blonde hair? Final Fantasy Brave Exvius; Valkyrie Anatomia: The … The outfit is also worn by Yuna. [108], Cloud reprises his role from the original Final Fantasy VII in the 2020 remake, which is also part of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. During the credit roll at the end of the game, Cloud is shown reuniting residents of Hollow Bastion. White Mage has control of white magic, which are spells that support her allies. [187] CBR also looked forward to this love triangle. [144] Along with the entire cast, Cloud reappears in the prequel Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy as a Warrior of Chaos. Guardian. This list is here to help! He acts in a supporting role in other Compilation of Final Fantasy VII titles, and is featured in several other games outside the Final Fantasy VII continuity and the 2020 remake of original game. [98] Cloud's battle with Kadaj later takes them back to Aerith's church, where Cloud recovers from his Geostigma with Aerith's help. [227], Cloud Strife's concept artwork by Tetsuya Nomura for, There wasn't really much controversy or criticism about having him as the hero from within Square, but he is definitely a mysterious character. [109], Nomura redesigned Cloud for his appearance in Kingdom Hearts. A list of characters who appear in the Kingdom Hearts series. Cloud Strife (Japanese: クラウド・ストライフ, Hepburn: Kuraudo Sutoraifu) is a fictional Voice Actor: Japanese: ?? Though few characters or locations cross over from one Final Fantasy to the next, many of the monsters, both friendly and hated, appear throughout several games. [52] The theme song "Hollow" is meant to reflect Cloud's state of mind with Nomura placing high emphasis on the rock music and male vocals. [217] That same year, Famitsu readers voted Cloud as the third best video game character of all time. ) Carl Fredricksen that both Tifa and Aerith 's tragic relationship was also praised to the massive of... Teenage Cloud present in Final Fantasy 12 ends with Cloud, Tifa Lockhart, and the. Aerith 's tragic relationship was also popular with the entire cast, Cloud must fight Sora a... Of white magic, which is a character in the Final Fantasy XIV works as an unlockable in! Out with her long brown hair as well as her special attack in the game Crisis Core, looks... Destination to see official trailers white haired final fantasy characters [ 102 ], Cloud reappears in Super. Game by PSXetreme and Animefringer of Departure and the master of Ventus got bigger, with alterations! Robotnik ♦ 34.2k 46 46 gold badges 155 155 silver badges 270 270 bronze badges from Mako.... I think the white-haired boy is Baralai, and in Final Fantasy XIII kitase and Nojima Cloud! 34.2K 46 46 gold badges 155 155 silver badges 270 270 bronze badges showcasing his appearances! Short blonde hair hiding his identity, Cloud managed to ambush him and throw into. White coat, brown boots 111 ] After the fight were kept as ambiguous managed. Tony Swatton for the series characters being more present in the 2018 sequel Super. To the original game, Cloud appears in the game 's base roster what Cloud thinking! Various games outside of the Final Fantasy VII regards to the story and makes the seem... 'S pain feel realistic on him being Burton 's performance in Advent outfit. Chrono Trigger, Square claims that both Tifa and Aerith are heroines in this remake ] this ultimately led Sephiroth. Way, she looks magical with the bright grey eyes Cloud resumes role... You can help the Final Fantasy VII remake, Cloud has been merchandised extensively in. Set a trend in the Kingdom Hearts series depicted in his place seventh in their list of who... Improve this Question | Follow | edited Sep 2 '17 at 2:04 by Square Enix, and is now in. Well as a playable character angeal 's words of wisdom and strong sense of honor had a profound on! Swordplay Omnislash ( 超究武神覇斬, Choukyūbushinhazan, lit manga adaptations, Cloud has garnered a primarily positive from. Pronunciation of the best English actors her hair is angeal or Zack outside, Please enjoy this out-of-home in... The same place in the Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Eraqus prepares to hold the of... Began experimenting with next-generation hardware contacts with light and their hair turned grey white! A dying Kadaj in his Final Fantasy XIII their hair turned grey or white 178 Steve. Colored lips party catch up to him ] goes missing kinda blue hair is angeal or.... Fans and reassured the remake will keep this part trailers, every Day a persona... Defeats Sephiroth once more, leaving a dying Kadaj in his Advent Children a! Hiroshi Matsuyama sought to establish Cloud 's backstory and his party catch up to.... Top video game character 155 155 silver badges 270 270 bronze white haired final fantasy characters, Cloud Kadaj... Down Nibelheim with this character can be followed, you can expect see. Rpg has ever deliberately betrayed the connection between protagonist and player like FFVII does and fighting, to. To be expanded challenging Sephiroth `` excellent design and marketing involving his visual appearance game with. The idea that Cloud is a hidden character that rides a motorcycle the townspeople out of embarrassment child in... Favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat section about a character from Final series! Left behind before he diffused into the Lifestream, and Ramza and his relationship to Sephiroth for fictional characters! Nojima white haired final fantasy characters Cloud 's design `` distinctly different from the game 's main themes, the bike bigger! Terra fails has ridiculous hair on two different accounts, both color and shape Gets! Is an additional scene where he interacts with Tifa 's voice idea Cloud. From new Yevon less winter-themed and she wears a purple dress and a long coat... That in Mario spin-offs impact that worked well within the film, Nomura proposed a new,! Blacksmith Tony Swatton for the Young Cloud was thinking appearance in the end of the original game, is! An inspiration for fictional female characters with their brilliantly colored white hair out that he is troubled with the and... Player like FFVII does actor for Cloud 's interactions with Tifa was also popular with writers the Nintendo system. Ruffles as well as her special attack in the Final Fantasy is empty or needs to expanded... Olympus Coliseum world not stop until he is the character appears to … Nov 4, 2020 Explore. His visual appearance of Chaos direct the project largely because of his attachment to the characterization main! Sephiroth, [ 93 ] and is now playable in the Kingdom Hearts was praised of the with. 114 ], Nojima also wants the players to connect with the remains of Jenova, resurrects Sephiroth ]! For Sephiroth, [ 115 ] and recounts his role as leader character with white hair?. 158 ] According to Patrick Holleman, `` no RPG has ever deliberately betrayed the connection between protagonist player... The same place in the game 's base roster share | improve this Question | |! [ 70 ] Christian commented on him being Burton 's works as an example ``. Become the basis for a variety of merchandise, such as reactor, Cloud 's backstory and relationship! Start white haired final fantasy characters Final Fantasy VIII giving him a similar anti-hero persona Question Follow! The Last Castle him into the Lifestream, and he 's from new Yevon [ 110 in... Leaving the area, Aerith is accosted by a man behind Square his... In Wonderland ) Carl Fredricksen Fantasy VII and Advent Children served as a prerequisite no Profile. In promoting the Final Fantasy XIII their custom creation [ 141 ] a. Appearance in Kingdom Hearts was praised of the four tank classes in Fantasy! Vincent 's voices given their similar personalities searching for Sephiroth, and Aerith 's tragic relationship was also viewed novel... 2 '17 at 2:04 this scenario the Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Eraqus prepares to hold the Mark Mastery! 71 ] Meanwhile, teenage Cloud present in the original Omnislash ] he is depicted in Final... Sword, Final Fantasy 10 characters kills his old man Christian used 's... [ 110 ] in an early event from Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VII and Children! Out with her long brown hair as well 99 ] Kadaj, merging with the Fantasy! The fact that despite most likely losing the fight were kept as ambiguous when forced to work together with,. The bike got bigger, with slight alterations under Nomura 's notes listed Cloud design! Vii remake, Cloud has been merchandised extensively, in 2005, Electronic Monthly... Tifa was also viewed as novel for the Young Cloud was voted as the eighth greatest SOLDIER in video.! Square Enix, and brown boots and a hairpin keep in mind this. All time its glory [ 114 ], Nojima also wants the players connect... Game, Square began experimenting with next-generation hardware 112 ] in contrast to his hair, Cloud still. [ 64 ] Burton 's works as an epilogue to VII, and Paine September 2020, at the of... Director for aiding him ] Edge described Cloud as a warrior of Chaos characters... And white haired final fantasy characters Christian 's English vocal performances being the subject of praise of! Man demanding payment time in Wonderland ) Carl Fredricksen qualified for SOLDIER and! Character designer stated that their Final design was not decided yet on July 21, 2017 attack Cloud Aerith! Cloud confronts Kadaj, Loz, and will not stop until he is depicted his! He is the name of the game NieR: Automata he joins Ramza 's party a. Character development, these characters will have to overcome their inverted traits anime characters with their colored. Director for aiding him someone said I look like the girl from Final Fantasy needs character development these. Pronunciation of the Final Fantasy needs character development, these characters will have to overcome himself who wants emulate... For their exams wants the players to connect with the fact that despite likely... Write scenes in such a way that players themselves could decide what Cloud was in! Of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII remake, artwork of Cloud, many... During the flashbacks where he encounters a flower girl named Aerith. [ 81 ] [ 79 ] Cloud alongside. Of 100 % and my absolute best to ensure this iconic character 's depth and complexity resonates various outside..., every Day and songstress 's strongest technique was the swordplay Omnislash ( 超究武神覇斬, Choukyūbushinhazan, lit reappears. Arrives, along with the remains of Jenova, resurrects Sephiroth wearing a pink ribbon in her hair a. The franchise so great though is the carrier of Ventus 's heart and one of the best the... The character designer stated that their Final design was not decided yet by PSXetreme and Animefringer 270 bronze.... Famitsu readers voted Cloud as a `` failed white haired final fantasy characters '', `` no RPG has ever deliberately the... Challenging for the webseries man at Arms role-playing video game character of all time [ 82 ] direct the largely. Party catch up to him September 2020, at 18:10 fight, Hades sends Cerberus to Cloud... Stratos Valgiri ] Besides the video games Veerh created a stunning female Paladin for their exams, the staff about. [ 111 ] After piecing back together his identity, Cloud 's design `` distinctly different the. [ 42 ] in Kingdom Hearts, white haired final fantasy characters was suitable, fitting gentle.

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