Virgin’s premium economy seats, at 21 inches wide, are as wide as any domestic first or business class recliner on the market and set the international standard in premium economy. keep it up and thanks again. Virgin Atlantic’s Flying Club frequent flyer redemptions are easy to use. Unfortunately for me, that left me to deal with security guards with little regard for their jobs let alone the passengers. Required fields are marked *. Immigration processing is quick today, and bags begin to arrive shortly after this. View airline, airport, seat, and lounge photos. The Virgin Atlantic Economy food is of a much lower caliber and is not noteworthy so Premium Economy definitely provides a much nicer dining experience. In July 2017, Virgin Atlantic announced its intention to form a joint venture with Air France–KLM, but in December 2019, it was announced that the joint venture would not include a … “Our intention was never to launch a website, our intention was to build a global brand for frequent flyers.” We’ve got news to share with you. » Flying London to Rome return with British Airways during COVID-19. However, it is a difficult item to criticise as the overall outlook of the front-line interaction is quite enjoyable and pleasing, and this more than makes up for these minor service failures. Service and food are similar on both airlines, but Virgin Atlantic does have a snack bar available for self-service refreshment, something British Airways only offers in business class. The one and only area where Virgin’s premium economy cabin stood out was seat comfort. It was the most comfortable airline recliner I’ve sat in. “Mr. This turned out to be my favorite part of the meal service. Virgin Atlantic’s Premium Economy cabin is known for offering the widest seats you’ll find outside of a First or Business Class cabin and, combined with the airline’s reputation for friendly flight attendants, that’s what made this cabin an appealing choice for an overnight flight that I had to take between Washinton D.C. and London at a time when Business Class fares were sky-high. WiFi is available in 2 packages £4.99 for 40MB and £14.99 for 150MB. We believe that learning about frequent flyer miles should be as fun as travel itself. The functionality is quite simple with the core categories of movies, TV, music and games on the top banner and a with a further “more” menu which is a catchall for most other items (think destination guides, flight map, seat chat, news and suchlike). While the style of food provided is broadly aligned with the back cabin, the hardware on which it is delivered is nicely upgraded, and it is these small touches that one is now seeing more in Premium Economy. Meandering through the premium economy section on the way out, thinkin’ that this very much looks like something I wanna try. I’ve flown in the last year both the A340 (BOS-LHR in Upper Class) and the 787 (LHR-DXB r/t in Upper and LAX-LHR r/t in Premium Economy) and can attest the 787 PE is awesome with international 110v outlets. » News Headlines Featuring Lie flat beds, premium drinks, lounge access, they even send a car to pick you up! Even Delta Comfort+ economy passengers receive ear plugs, toothbrush kits, lotions and eye masks on transatlantic flights. I was hoping for an experience that looked more like what I had seen in Virgin Atlantic promotions and experienced on Virgin America flights. » Rome Fiumicino Airport is the first airport in the world to be Certified with the COVID-19 5-Star Airport Rating. Personally, as an old school “avgeek”, it was love at first sight for the four-engine Airbus A340 (of which three were flown on that trip, two on Virgin Atlantic and one on South African Airways), so while, yes, the 787 was much newer and had a far better seatback entertainment system than the old, clunky, difficult to use one on the aged A340s, I’d have no problem flying the older A340s as long as they’re still flying. I like it. wouldn’t they be more inclined to do so on a 10-hour haul. After my first flight, I sense that Virgin Atlantic is a great airline with a unique culture of service and style. Brief but very precise info… Thank you for sharing this one. There is a large full seat width headrest which has up/down adjustment – there are no covers, but this does appear to be clean. On a recent return from Europe to the U.S., I decided to give it a try. This Virgin Atlantic A330-200 configuration features 3 classes including Upper Class, Premium Economy, and Economy seating options. If you decide on upgrading your next trip with Virgin Atlantic to Premium instead of economy, this guide should help you in some way to make sure you pick the right seat to get the most out of your experience. None of these wines were top flight, but they weren’t bad either. All A330-200 aircraft are powered by two Rolls Royce Trent 700 engines. Richard Branson and company were right. And I always come away feeling fine and ready to hit the town. After dinner I ordered a class of the Otard Cognac. Next time. The Upperclass Wing really shined during the security screening process. The screens didn’t respond to touch, and could only be controlled by the remote below. Every time I returned to the seat I delighted in the sensation of sinking into thick, lush padding. The Virgin Atlantic staff I encountered in London were all absolutely extraordinary. The width isn’t all that is extraordinary about the seat, however. I was in need of a return flight from Berlin to New York. For this particular flight there was quite a queue for economy, but premium check in took no more than 10 minutes from queueing to boarding pass. Will new transatlantic competition lower ticket prices? It wasn’t. Milepoint is now InsideFlyer. Here you can discover and share your experiences related to travel and frequent flyer programs with leisure travelers, infrequent flyers and road warriors alike. Harper is a very pleasant gentleman whose boarding pass incorrectly says he’s a Delta gold member. Before arrival, there is an afternoon tea style service with a trio of finger sandwiches, petit four cakes and a plain scone with jam and real Cornish clotted cream which is a nice taste of home before arriving into Seattle. I was in need of a return flight from Berlin to New York. There’s a seat in Virgin Atlantic’s A350-1000 economy cabin that has more legroom than any seat in premium economy, or even the airlines beautiful new upper class. After dozing off I decided I needed a coffee (though I could have ordered another cognac, if my mood was a bit different). We will get this straightened out in no time.”. It went by way, way too fast. The trolley is well-stocked with a wide range of mainline spirits, red and white wine from Spain. Bummer. The Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747-400 operates in a three class configuration. I did appreciate the exceedingly clear preliminary and final boarding announcements made in the clubhouse. 26 Jun 2017. As I’d checked my U.S. adaptor in my luggage, I was out of luck and ran out of laptop power just a couple of hours into this flight. While I think the packaged amenity kits in business class are often overkill and wasteful, I expected at least a few things to make the eight-hour journey more pleasant. She then called over a red coat to escort me through the Upperclass wing. I’m a great fan of premium economy seating, which Virgin pioneered so long ago. Virgin Atlantic Premium on the A350. Some amenities I barely had time to experience; delightful work spaces and a cool loft area with games for kids and a pool table. Boeing 787-9 in Premium Economy which was close to full. For standard seats, the seat pitch is 38-inches with a width of 20 inches between the armrests. Major hubs such as Heathrow T3 have the dedicated Virgin Atlantic Economy Delight check-in desks. At just over $900, it’s not the absolute cheapest premium economy fare I’ve seen, but it was a good value. I am quickly seated in the bulkhead row, and the cabin crew are swift to provide drinks (prosecco, water and orange juice), and these are kept topped up throughout the boarding process. The meal arrived plated just as one might expect on a domestic first class flight in the U.S. Service presence and energy does decline somewhat as the flight progresses, litter clearance is not as frequent, the second meal tray is slow to be removed, and perhaps most importantly washrooms become quite messy and stocked low with tissues and towels. Prices were comparable to Delta’s Gogo inflight service, though I was unable to use my monthly Delta Gogo pass (seriously, is this a joint venture or not). Joanna and I had been planning to visit New York for some time and we were still in the middle of making our plans when the travel Gods smiled down on us in two wonderful ways. “Our intention was never to launch a website, our intention was to build a global brand for frequent flyers.”, content + community + technology + social. You should have done the math on the MQD because oftentimes you get more MQD booking direct on VS than on DL, since it’s a percentage of miles travelled rather than dollars. The bar and wine selection was quite adequate. On the other hand, someone really needs to do something about the baggage situation at Newark. As a benefactor of frequent flier status, I am tied to Delta Air Lines. Let the battle commence! After feasting on cured meats and smoked salmon in The Clubhouse, I felt a bit heavy. There is other mainstream programming with a handful of episodes and varied range factual, sport and kids’ options. It is a pleasant surprise that the product is continued for the mid-flight drinks where customers may avail from chilled tumblers in the galley display – which seems to be lieu of any ice provision. With Global Entry I was able to pass immigration in just a few minutes. They sat us on metal benches common not in airports but institutional waiting rooms. Virgin Atlantic Carry-On Allowance: Passengers in Economy Light, Economy Class, Economy Delight, and Premium are permitted to bring 1 piece of carry-on luggage plus 1 personal item, such as a handbag or small backpack. ... Get first dibs on overhead lockers and settle in early. Virgin has remastered the premium economy experience with its Premium A350 product. Depending on the length of the flight, if it is overnight, you sometimes get breakfast served in Premium Economy, although I believe that this is the same as in Economy. Premium economy sits between the flat beds of … It looked like the A340-600 I was flying on was updated about one decade ago. Be sure to use these facilities whenever you can, and if you happen to hold Delta … A bottle could run you about $70 on the ground. Soft drink choices are similarly extensive and include more niche items such as ginger ale, cranberry juice and sparkling water which are not always found outside of the front cabins. I requested compensation SkyMiles through both Delta and Virgin Atlantic, but haven’t yet received a response. The security staff chatted among themselves while occasionally wafting a wand through the air somewhere near some luggage and shoving it into a machine. But internationally this indenturement leaves me constrained. Virgin Atlantic launched its new premium seats this week, and they let you recline seven inches. In Premium Economy, customers can take up to 2 pieces of baggage, and these can each be up to 90x75x43cm (35.5×29.5×16-inches) and 23kg (50lb) in weight. Just, wow. She phoned the Clubhouse lounge to advise my impending arrival. Your email address will not be published. The system is branded up as Vera – Virgin’s trendy moniker for the interface and accompanying IFE guide. Virgin must be the last airline in the world still sporting the bizarre custom DC power ports, which require adapters to use. It was a great way to wash down dinner. And that’s where this Virgin Atlantic A350-1000 review ends. London Heathrow to Seattle with Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy class. In that respect, Virgin Atlantic came though beautifully. View details, » London Gatwick Airport gets the 3-Star COVID-19 airport for coronavirus procedures. I arrived in Europe 9 days earlier via SWISS’ solid business class throne seat. Those looking to book Virgin Atlantic flights using credit card points and frequent flyer miles have a few options. The seats are pitched 38-inches apart, which is about average for first class cabins on domestic U.S. airliners. [English] United States [English] United Kingdom [German] Germany [Norwegian] Norway [Swedish] Sweden [Danish] Denmark [Dutch] Benelux. In the bulkhead, the USB location is an annoyance as to use and customers must either deploy or semi-deploy the PTV screen for access. As Virgin Atlantic doesn’t operate any domestic or short-haul flights, it has a pretty clear-cut baggage policy. Each seat also came equipped with Virgin’s seatback entertainment system, though the screens on this A340 were a bit worn down and dim. Virgin really needs to do something with these dingy old A340s. The benefits are extra knee space and the fact there is no dreaded invasion from a forward seat. There is a useful route update and welcome from the flight deck in advance of the safety display which is most welcome. I like so much this blog. Premium Economy seats are outfitted with 11-inch seatback screens, but these are centrally stowed in the armrest of bulkhead seat. The bathrooms were basic, boring and offered no amenities beyond foaming soap. The in-flight entertainment systems were old and dim. She waved over a supervisor. Virgin Atlantic has not only drastically reduced its business class prices, but also its premium economy prices!You can fly nonstop to most destinations for prices starting at merely £513 (~€565) – a great price to fly quite comfortably. Much of the view was then gobbled up by two of the A340’s four big engines. Virgin Atlantic have 3 Class types, Economy, Premium Economy and First Class. Get Global Entry or suffer. Efficiency during the main contact points is all quite satisfactory with drink and meals delivered with good speed, and there is decent attention to clearing away the litter. If Virgin Atlantic has any such guarantee they weren’t anywhere close to meeting it this evening. It’s not the worst value out there, but customers are unlikely to have the free-flowing web experience that is possible with the often more generous time-based allowances. Staff service begins well during boarding with much of the well publicised, spirited approach on full display. The sheer thickness of the padding on these seats was something I hadn’t experienced before. The tea biscuit was beautifully moist and the sandwich was far more flavorful than the pasta I’d had for dinner. Note: on a later, evening time Premium Economy flight, Virgin did hand out amenity kits with socks, lip balm, toothbrush kits and a pen. All in all, I earned over 13,000 points and miles on the trip (American Express Membership Rewards points can also be transferred directly to Delta SkyMiles). The cabin design is contemporary with dark seat covers and carpets, and the main colouring is from the mood lighting which is well used for this late morning departure. This includes Upper-Class cabin passengers, FF members and handily, Virgin also include Premium Economy in this category. I paid for the flight using my Platinum Card from American Express. Other little perks included inseat laptop power, which is great for folks like me who like to work on flights, as well as Virgin’s inflight entertainment system that offers hundreds of hours of entertainment options. I have no idea what premium economy or Upper Class boarding is normally like, since I was given the dreaded SSSS on my boarding pass. Additional fares (fuel surcharges) are also much less in premium economy. Wow. The meal service and amenities on the flight were a mixed bag, while the Virgin Atlantic staff in London were truly outstanding. InsideFlyer is a privately funded venture based in Colorado Springs, CO (affectionally—the House of Miles). Virgin Atlantic is one of the few reliable option left in the Delta SkyMiles program. Perhaps not; but we found ALL of our meals, even the standard coach/economy meal we had on our JFK-LHR flight (pasta for dinner; yogurt for breakfast), on Virgin Atlantic to have been actually pretty good as airline meals nowadays go. If do need some extra legroom it's well worth upgrading to Economy Delight (The Premium check in and priority boarding are lovely perks too). This is one of the very best airport lounges in the world. Passengers could choose between the London Times, Financial Times and The Guardian. He took the time to check my departure time and provide a spot-on estimate of how long I should spend in the lounge. But it was so un-memorable that, as of sitting down to begin this post, three days after the flight, I can’t remember what I ate. After some searching, I found a sub-$1000 round-trip Virgin Atlantic premium economy fare from London Heathrow to Newark. says, […] post Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy: A Review appeared first on […]. Part of what made this itinerary doable was the availability of low-cost flights ($68 to be precise) from Berlin to Heathrow on Eurowings. For those customers connecting, the transfer and re-check counter is positioned just after customs, so the process is as easy and streamlined and as one can expect in the US. It’s a means to earn full elite qualifying dollars (MQDs), rather than a partial percentage if I’d have booked through Virgin or through a third-party. I stopped by both areas to check them out. Tea and coffee are served from a cart, and this is nicely enhanced with a large china mug. From the main menus, it is possible to filter into numerous sub-categories by genre. In recent years, transpacific carriers have come to match many of the services Virgin pioneered here. Treat yourself to Premium. She phoned headquarters. The welcome at the door sets a good first-impression and combined with simple purple mood-lighting and attractively laid out bar area (for the Upper-Class cabin) there is a prestigious feel. Alternatively, you can opt for an Exit row seat from £49, which offers more room in front of you to stretch out in. They even included cute airplane-themed salt shakers similar to those I’ve seen in Virgin Upperclass reviews. Premium Economy enjoys its own dedicated check in area, which can be huge if you’re in a rush. The Premium Economy cabin crew had plenty of adapters on hand, but they only supported U.S.-style plugs (ahem, isn’t this is a British Airline???). First class would be your business class equivalent. The boarding music is a mix of modern and classic pop/rock tunes, and this is a nice alternative to the repetitive Muzak delivered by many airlines. While I managed to run off a single 40MB on this 9-hour flight, this was achieved by disabling any auto updates/uploads on my phone and only using the service for messaging and a very small number of emails. Enjoy 3 more inches than the rest of economy. You’ll find nooks and crannies. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. To pull that off requires a pretty special formula, which Richard Branson and co have perfected going on four decades. In hindsight, the concept seems obvious. We’re a small diverse group of experienced frequent flyer experts, travel community builders, technologists, and friends of the flyer who want to help you learn to be an expert traveler. The bulkhead wall panels are enhanced with a modern geodesic design. Those extra few inches of space, a glass of bubbly as you board, and a tasty meal served on china crockery with proper cutlery. They weren’t great, and I ended up using my iPhone headphones instead. I felt disappointed with the condition of the A340, though. says, […] on June 10, 2019 by Benjamin Alexander De […], Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy: A Review - My Blog While the style of food provided is broadly aligned with the back cabin, the hardware on which it is delivered is nicely upgraded, and it is these small touches that one is now seeing more in Premium Economy. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Boarding begins 45-minutes before departure with priority customers called first. those new to the blogosphere. Virgin Atlantic Airbus A350 Premium seat map (Image courtesy Virgin Atlantic) Bottom line. Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy: A Review – InsideFlyer – IAM Network Book your Economy Delight seat today. All the passengers from Premium Economy and Upperclass gathered at the carousel to search for their bags among the economy bags. This netted me an additional five points per dollar, on top of the nine SkyMiles per dollar I would earn as a Platinum Medallion. We didn’t have enough miles for Upper Class (and it wasn’t available, anyway), so we chose Premium Economy. One disappointment is the lack of amenities in the toilets, and this constitutes basic pipe soap for today’s flight, and one might expect a little more for this premium cabin. The content is reasonably interesting and obviously gives an excellent overview of the system content. Read traveller reviews and opinions for Airlines and Airports worldwide, airline lounges and airline Seats. Newspapers shortly follow and individual menus. Were our meals something to write home about? Otherwise, the airline’s A340s are in dire need of a retrofit. You know what it feels like schlepping into economy — like you’re in grade school, being shuffled into a que one-by-one to board an overcrowded bus with zero personal space and extra germs. WiFi was provided by Gogo, also known as NoGo and SlowSlow. many great reviews of Virgin’s home base Clubhouse lounge, I actually would have preferred my economy meal on Air France to this premium economy mea, Singapore Airlines Turns Airbus A380 Into A Restaurant (And More…), Don’t Miss Out On Double Virgin Points When Booking A Flight. Virgin Atlantic Airbus A350 Premium seat map (Image courtesy Virgin Atlantic) Bottom line. There is a USB socket integrated into the PTV screen, and there is a 110v International outlet for larger devices under the seat. Today’s flight is on a 4-year old Boeing 787-9 in Premium Economy which is configured with 35 seats in a 2x3x2 format. View details, » Málaga-Costa del Sol Airport is the first airport in Europe to receive the COVID-19 Airport Rating. Together, the A350s & A330neos will replace all of Virgin Atlantic’s remaining quad-jet A340s and () her majesty the Queen, aka Boeing 747s. Whenever possible I try to book SkyTeam and other Delta partner flights directly through Fortunately, I have a printed menu and photographs to fall back on. If you decide on upgrading your next trip with Virgin Atlantic to Premium instead of economy, this guide should help you in some way to make sure you pick the right seat to get the most out of your experience. Each seat also had an adjustable, inflatable lumbar support and a rather large footrest. A British Airways 787 Dreamliner and A Virgin Atlantic 787 Dreamliner. Virgin Atlantic was one Delta partner I was dying to try out. and now three U.S. airlines are in the process of rolling out this middle cabin on widebody jets. Virgin Atlantic was one Delta partner I was dying to try out. Brown hair and a brown laptop bag.”. View details. The space is easy to identify with massive logos visible from the drop-off forecourt, and once in the terminal, there are numerous signs with the various check-in counters, as well as an abundance of self-service units. The obvious inconvenience of the bulkhead is that this is just behind the galley, Business Class bar and washrooms, so there is high-potential for intrusion. After departure the cabin crew provide large leather footrests for those customers on the front rows – other seats have the more traditional fold-down facility. My favorite part of the onboard food service was the afternoon tea. “I am so sorry about this. A must read article! Having upgraded service and an adequate seat is enough to make a trip like this extremely pleasant. Hello you. Over 20 years after Virgin introduced its premium economy, the product has a solid lead over competitors in at least one respect: the seat. The wing has a dedicated security checkpoint and I was literally the only passenger in line. View details, » Frankfurt Airport has been Certified as a COVID-19 4-Star Airport. The pitch in Virgin Atlantic’s Premium Economy is more than generous and it’s that number that determined my happiness (or not) on the 8-hour flight. Virgin’s newer aircraft are equipped with newer Gogo equipment, also known as Soso, which is much better than the old Gogo installations, but not as fast as satellite internet service I’ve experienced on carriers like jetBlue and United.The seat stood out. The pillow is white and has a white cotton cover with a small cut out to fit more ergonomically around the neck. The food, on the other hand, was just okay. There’s also a roof deck but it was closed given the January gloom outside. This is one of the better mid-flight snacks I’ve had. There are multiple dining areas with separate menus and separate chefs. It's the little touches here and there that help you truly enjoy your time in the air. Curiously, there isn’t a traditional inflight magazine, but the IFE guide is extensive and contains some articles so serves a quasi-option for this item. Each seat offered a blanket, slightly thicker than what one would expect in economy on a flight this length, and a standard neck pillow. Still, the whole place elicited a peculiar sense of British refinement and hospitality that I haven’t encountered elsewhere. Their economy seats have a maximum recline of … After two minutes of being unable to get the boarding pass to read ‘Platinum’, a nearby supervisor escalated things to another level. With a relatively small network, Virgin manages to make money on some of the most competitive routes in the world, between the United Kingdom and the United States. However, I get it that for most others, and especially those younger than myself, the low res screens and those wonky controllers for the A340 seatback entertainment system, are far less desirable than the crisp resolution and touch pad IFE found on newer aircraft. » Special features. It resided somewhere between the increasingly rich perks of business class (Upperclass, in Virgin lingo) and steerage. Today we are announcing… Continue Reading. However the Business class on Virgin Atlantic is a very high end premium product way out of the reach of most. Domestically, this works out great. London ground services were spectacular, as fine as any I’ve experienced. About 90 minutes before arrival flight attendants served scones, cakes and sandwiches with a variety of spreads and creme fraiche clotted cream. The menu beckoned passengers with a “Hello you…” and talked about how delicious the food would be. The remaining Airbus A340-600s (of which I believe there are just five or six remaining in Virgin Atlantic’s fleet) will be phased out soon, with the airline’s soon-to-arrive Airbus A350-900s (LHR-JFK is the 1st route announced beginning “late summer”) and a “rumored” order for Airbus A330-900neos likely to be announced at the upcoming Paris Air Show. Virgin is in fact planning to replace them, generally with A350s. Virgin Atlantic’s Clubhouse is exclusive to the airline’s most prized clients.