Mandatory form. The information on this website was developed for use in Milwaukee County. Search. Order on Stipulation to change Custody/Placement/Support/ Courthouse Room G9 . Other languages. Voluntary form. Mandatory form. Voluntary form. pdf format c8: civil bench warrant for arrest and information sheet - milwaukee county If you do not have an attorney representing you, it is very important that you read the forms and the laws referenced in the forms carefully. Allows the parties to a divorce/legal separation to agree on how to temporaily handle various issues such as asset allocation, debt payments, child custody and support issues, maintenance payments and similar matters. PDF. Voluntary form. If the parties cannot agree on how to temporarily handle issues such as asset allocation, debt payments, child custody and support, maintenance payments and similar matters, a party can request a hearing to enter such an Order. PDF. To order an individual to identify and/or establish a deposit account and to authorize transfers of funds from that account for support orders. Families & Children; Divorce or Separation; Abuse & Harassment; Eviction & Housing ; Name Change; Traffic; Seniors & Conservatorship; Problems With Money; Criminal Law; Civil Appeals; Gender Change; Wills, Estates, and Probate; Self-Help Feedback Form; Self Help A-Z Index; Emergency Court Actions and COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Forms & Rules. Voluntary form. Clerk of the Supreme Court & Court of Appeals, Office of Lawyer Regulation Board of Administrative Oversight, Office of Lawyer Regulation District Committees, Office of Lawyer Regulation Procedure Review Committee, Consolidated Court Automation Programs Steering Committee, Wisconsin Circuit Court Access (WCCA) Oversight Committee, Wisconsin Court Records Management Committee, Wisconsin Commission on Children, Families and the Courts, Wisconsin Judicial Committee on Child Welfare, The Committee to Improve Interpreting and Translation in the Wisconsin Courts, Supreme Court Appointment Selection Committee, Search for opinions & dispositional orders, Supreme Court/state administrative offices. Other languages . FA-4129VB . If mediation is ordered, the parties are assigned a mediator who will schedule one or more sessions with them. To commence a proceeding for a divorce or legal separation by a person with minor children. Milwaukee Justice Center provides volunteer assistance with family law forms for divorce, child support, legal custody, physical placement and name changes. Mandatory form. Voluntary form. 414-288-6912. Court order to enforce an order of a court of family court commissioner which has provided periods of physical placement. NEW: "How To" Videos for Family Forms. If you do not have an attorney representing you, it is very important that you read the forms and the laws referenced in the forms carefully. A collaborative project of Milwaukee County Clerk of Courts, Milwaukee Bar Association, and Marquette University Law School. Available in Spanish. Divorce (Calumet Clerk of court) How to fill out family court forms - webcasts (Waukesha Clerk of Court) Request for mediation (Portage Clerk of court) For legal custody, placement, or other family related issues. Spanish, Supreme Court/state administrative offices. To provide notice of a parent's required proposal relating to legal custody and physical placement issues when contested. Mandatory form. FA-4129VA. For questions about forms or their content contact the Records Management Committee. Probate. Created so the party doesn't have to bring/send their divorce findings to change name on documents or identification. Mandatory form. Here you will find basic information about the 19 municipal courts in the county - where they are, website information, email links, and more. FA-4111V. Please see Proclamations by the Governor and Supreme Court Orders on the COVID-19 Response page at for additional information. If the parties cannot reach an agreement on the issues in a marriage (such as property division, debt division, maintenance, child placement, custody, support, etc.). Your use of this website, and any forms you generate on it, is at your own risk and without warranties by the Milwaukee Justice Center. Word . Marital Settlement Agreement without Minor Children. The information provided here is not a substitute for legal advice.